Everything You Need to Know About 5 HTP Supplements

Heard of 5-HTP supplements? Reading this page may mean that you already have. What is 5-HTP all about? First of all, 5-HTP, short for 5-hydroxytryptophan is an intermediate metabolite which sits between the amino acid tryptophan and the neurotransmitter serotonin.

Our bodies manufacture 5-HTP from L-tryptophan which is found in dietary proteins. It is then converted to serotonin which is one of the most important brain chemicals. Serotonin helps support appetite balance, sleep functions, and mood.

If this is too technical for you, suffice it to say that without the right amounts of 5-HTP, you may be in deep trouble. How much trouble, you ask? Serotonin regulates sleep, anxiety, depression, sexual behavior, pain sensation and appetite. Without 5-HTP getting converted to serotonin, your psychological and physiological functions may go haywire.

Dietary Sources of 5-HTP

In general, 5-HTP is not present in usual food sources. However, you can indirectly take 5-HTP from L-tryptophan. This amino acid can be found in various food sources. This include red meat, seafood, poultry, dairy products and peanuts. However, eating these foods is not an assurance that you can get all the tryptophan that you need for normal function.

The Need for 5-HTP

There are conditions and wide-ranging reasons which lead to low levels of serotonin. Deficiency in serotonin can lead to an unreasonable appetite, depression, anxiety, stress, disruptions in emotional being, sleep disorders and insomnia. Fortunately, there is now a way to treat deficient serotonin. This is thanks to 5-HTP supplements.

5-HTP Dosage: How to Take 5-HTP

5 HTP pills usually come in 100 mg capsules. The recommended dosage is one to twice daily. It is suggested that you initially start with only one capsule a day, then gradually increasing the 5-HTP dosage to two as the need increases. However, you must not exceed the recommended dose.

The Best 5 HTP Supplement

5-HTP is found as a component of many health supplements today. Particularly, XtendLife's Neuro Natural Serenity contains 250 mg of 5-HTP along with about 50 other important vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and enzymes helpful in warding off depression. This is the most highly 5-HTP supplement recommended for those going through depression cycles.

Similarly, XtendLife's Neuro Natural Sleep contains 50 mg of 5-HTP with other components helpful in restoring good sleeping habits. If you are suffering from these two conditions, taking these supplements from XtendLife will offer better chances for treatment.

On the other hand, if you wish to take a 5-HTP supplement which solely contains 5-HTP, we recommend 5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan from Life Extension. It contains 100 mg of 5-HTP from the seeds of Griffonia simplicofolia, which is naturally rich in this compound. If you wish to take 5-HTP for weight loss and emotional well being, then this supplement should be good for you.

Where to Buy 5 HTP

5-HTP supplements are available in most local health stores. You can also purchase 5-HTP supplements online by checking out for

Neuro Natural Sleep and Serenity


for stand-alone 5-HTP supplementation.

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